SharePoint Content type not found in web application site collection

We have a new portal server installation that is working fine except for one strange error. We created our new site using the “Publishing Site” template and also created subsites below it. All that went fine. However, if we try to create a new page (“Create Page” command from the “Site Actions” Menu) from any of these sites we get this error:

Content type
not found in web

To solve this:

Go to Site Central Admin, User Permissions for Web Application and be sure “Use Client Integration Features” and “Use Remote Interfaces” are enabled. That should do it.


Removing orphaned site collections from a content database

While deleting a large site collection on the Ver environment the process timed out. This resulted in the site collection being unavailable through a browser but still being listed in the site collection list in Central Admin. However, it was not possible to select the site collection in Central Admin to delete it. Also the command ‘stsadm -enumsites’ reported the following when it came to that site collection:
<Site Error=”The system cannot find the path specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070003)” />
IISRESET did not fix the problem
The solution was to dettach and reattach the content database from the web application.
Central Admin > Application Mgmt > Content Databases
Select the web application
Open the content database
Make a note of the DB name and the warning and maximum site values
Delete the content database
Add a content database with the values previously recorded
The site collection should no longer be listed in the web application.