Unable to Open Excel documents directly from within SharePoint 2007 – Resolution

Regarding issues experienced with opening Excel within Sharepoint –
Looking at the settings on the problem PC’s it seems the “XLSX” extension – file open reference was pointing to moc.exe rather than excel.exe. For some reason this seems to affect opening 2002 / 97 documents as well.
This can be remedied by performing the following action –
Go to my computer – Tools (menu)– Folder Options
Click the File Types (Tab)
Find the file type XLSX
Click Advanced then open in the list, hit the edit button
Check “application used to perform action” for references to moc.exe (Microsoft Open XML Converter), if so delete the contents and insert the following –
“”C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\EXCEL.EXE”” /e
Click ok, ok and close.


Excel Services – SharePoint Exception error

If you receive an exception error if you try to open the sample workbook or another workbook through SharePoint try the following steps:

As the message states, the spreadsheet needs to come from a trusted location.  This can be set up as follows:

1. Open Central Administration -> go to Operations tab

– ensure that the Excel Service is running

2. Open Central Administration -> go to your configured Shared Service -> click Excel Service Settings

–  File Access Method:  ensure that it is not using Impersonation, instead the Option Process Account should be enabled.

3. Open Central Administration -> go to your configured Shared Service -> click add new trusted file location

– field URL: here you can specify a report library or the whole portal

– Location Type: should be Windows SharePoint Services

– Children trusted: defines whether the children should also be trusted or only the defined path