Opening documents in MOSS causes IE to crash

When trying to open documents in SharePoint 2007/ WSS 3.0, such as a word document or powerpoint presentation, Internet Explorer crashes.
I’ve come across this a couple of times with end users and tens to happen on systems that may have multiple versions of IE or multiple versions of MS Office applications installed.
This causes a conflict on the desktop computer of owssupp.dll appeaing in duplication versions.  The solution is to get rid of the duplication.  Full details at…
This problem occurs if the following conditions are true, in the order in which they are presented:•You install a Microsoft Office 2003 product on the computer.•You install one or more 2007 Office system programs on the computer.•You repair or update the installation of an Office 2003 product.In this scenario, the older version of the Name.dll file becomes the registered version. When the Owssupp.dll file is used, it tries to use functionality that is not available. This condition causes Internet Explorer to crash (stop responding).


Debugbar – a must have for all web developers

The DebugBar is an Internet Explorer toolbar to increase web dev productivity :

The Toolbar

For all surfers, a toolbar in Internet Explorer brings new and faster functionalities for more productivity on usual tasks on the Net :

* Zoom on the current web page
* Send in one click a screenshot of the current Web Page by email.
* Send in one click a screenshot of the current ENTIRE Web Page (including hidden scrolled parts) by email.
* Search directly with your prefered web search engine
* Find a word in a web Page with the “Highlight in page” function
* Get the color code of any pixel in the web page and anywhere on the screen.
* Get script errors notification and send a screenshot with useful debugging information for developers in one click !

The development bar

For professionals, a development bar placed on the left of the Internet Explorer window gives you important informations to reduce development and debug time of your web sites :

* Directly view the DOM tree of the loaded document with syntaxing colored HTML/JScript/VBScript/CSS code .
* Retrieve an HTML tag directly on the page by using the “Target”
* Access tag attributes, modify them and view the result direcly in Internet Explorer withou reloading the document
* View external Javascript and CSS files attached to the document.

* View Internet Explorer HTTP and HTTPS requests and Web Server responses
* View defined cookies in the current loaded page

* View all the Javascript functions defined in the page and their source code
* Run Javascript code by using the interactive Javascript console

* Get useful informations (download time, number of images, images size) on the downloaded page

The url for debugbar is

DebugBar for Internet Explorer

DebugBar V5.2 is an Internet Explorer plug-in that brings you new powerful features :

DOM Inspector: View DOM Tree and modify tags attributes and css attributes on the fly to test your pageHTTP Inspector: View HTTP/S request to check cookies, GET and POST parameters, view server infoJavascript Inspector and Javascript Console: View javascript functions for easier debugging, see Javascript and AJAX codeHTML Validator: Validate HTML code to correct and optimize your code and html size of your pageAnd many more features: See page cookies, get pixel color on a page, make a page screenshot…DebugBar can be downloaded from and is free for non-commercial use

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

For my own personal reference…
SUMMARY: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 keyboard shortcuts to common tasks.
Here is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts:

CONTROL-A: Selct all text for copying
CONTROL-B: Open the Organize Favorites dialog box
CONTROL-D: Immediately add the current page to your favorites
CONTROL-E: Open the search bar
CONTROL-F: Search for text on the page
CONTROL-H: Open the history bar
CONTROL-I: Open the favorites bar
CONTROL-N: New browser window
CONTROL-P: Print a web page
CONTROL-S: Save a web page to disk
CONTROL-W: Close the current browser window

ALT-D: Select the address bar
ALT-Left Arrow: Go back
ALT-Right Arrow: Go forward
ALT-F4: Close Internet Explorer
ALT-Home: Visit the home page

TAB: Move focus to the next link
ENTER: Select the current link
UP: Scroll up in the current webpage
DOWN: Scroll down in the current webpage
PAGE UP: Scroll up one page
PAGE DOWN: Scroll down one page
HOME: Move to the top of the current webpage
END: Move to the end of the current webpage

ESC: Stop loading the current page

F1: Help
F5: Refresh the current page
F11: Full Screen Mode
More on Keyboard shortcuts….

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Blog recently posted a great list of keyboard shortcuts for the upcoming IE7. What makes it even greater, however, is that almost all of the shortcuts work identically in Firefox. In the interest of brevity, I tested every shortcut and pared down the list to only the keyboard shortcuts that work the same in both browsers:
Standard toolbar buttons

Alt + , orShift + Mousewheel down, orBackspace
Alt + , orShift + Mousewheel up, orShift + Backspace
Ctrl + F5
Force Reload (no cache)
Alt + Home

Address Bar

Alt + D, orF6
Set focus to Address Bar
Ctrl + Enter
Add “www.” and “.com” prefix to Address Bar
Alt + Enter
Open Address Bar location in a new tab

Ctrl + 1
Switch to n-th tab (1..9)
Ctrl + Tab
Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to previous tab
Ctrl + W, or Middle Click tab, orCtrl + F4
Close current tab
Ctrl + T, or double-click empty tab area
Open new tab in the foreground
Ctrl + Left Click, or Middle Click
Open clicked link in a new background tab
Ctrl + Shift + Left Click
Open clicked link in a new tab, and set focus to it

Ctrl + +, orCtrl + Mousewheel down
Make font size larger (or Zoom in IE7)
Ctrl + -, orCtrl + Mousewheel up
Make font size smaller (or Zoom in IE7)
Ctrl + 0
Set to default font size / zoom
Scroll down
Shift + Space
Scroll up

Ctrl + D
Add current site to Favorites
Ctrl + I
Open Favorites pane
Ctrl + H
Open History pane

Ctrl + E
Set focus to search box
Alt + Enter
Perform search in new tab
Ctrl + 
Change search box provider
There are only a handful of truly unique