IIS – The server did not register with DCOM within the required timeout

IIS Error

When you try to browse Active Server Pages (ASP) pages, you may receive the following error message in the browser:HTTP 500 – Internal server error

If you clear the Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages check box in the browser, you receive the following error message in the browser:Server Application Error 

The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information.

Please contact the server administrator for assistance You receive an error message like the following in the system event log:
Source: DCOM
Event ID: 10010
Description: The server {3D14228D-FBE1-11D0-995D-00C04FD919C1} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.
The NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users or NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE entries have been removed from the Users group.
Add these users back to the Users group, and then restart Internet Information Services (IIS):
1.    Click Start, click Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Computer Management to open the Computer Management console.
2.    In the left pane, expand Local Users and Groups, and then click the Groups folder.
3.    In the right pane, right-click the Users group, and then click Properties.
4.    Click Add.
5.    In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, locate the Look in drop-down box, and then select the local computer.
6.    Select Authenticated Users, and then click Add.
7.    Select INTERACTIVE, and then click Add.
8.    Click OK, click Apply, and then click Close to close the properties for the Users group.
9.    In the left pane, expand Services and Applications, and then click Services.
10.  In the right pane, right-click IIS Admin Service, and then click Restart.
11.  In the Restart Other Services confirmation dialog box, click Yes.