Software Configuration and Development Testing–don’t leave it to the last minute!!

Testing of any ICT solution should be extensive, thorough and iterative. In reality, it’s often last-minute, scant and leaves project managers crossing their fingers in hope.

Testing is imperative to a successful deployment. A great article on testing can be found on wikipedia at:


Another note about website accessibility standards

Making your site usable for people who have visual impairments or other disabilities is no longer a nicety of modern web design – it is a legal requirement.

If you’d like to understand more about this subject take a look at the following:

1. AA Compliance from W3C:

2. Checklist of things to consider to make your content more accessible:

3. Advice from the Royal National Institute of Blind People:

Lumzy–a free tool for wireframing

One of the most overlooked stages in website design is the wireframing and mock up planning phase.  If you want to build a wirefram yourself there are some terrific online tools available to you, none more so that the freeware app called

The purpose of a wireframe is to give you something akin to the architectural drawings of your website. The equivalent of drawing up blueprints if you were building a house.