Adding a favicon to a SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer

Favicons are a simple and fun way to add some additional branding to your website. As shown below, a favicon appears next to the url in the address bar and next to a favorite in your list of favorites.

Creating a favicon and placing it on a SharePoint site is very easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Create the favicon from an image using a tool such as
Upload the favicon.ico file created in step 1 to an image library in your SharePoint site. In my case I uploaded the .ico file to a library called SiteImages.
Edit the master page (typically default.master) in either SharePoint Designer or by downloading a copy from the master pages gallery and opening it in an editor such as EditPlus. (To download a copy of your master page, go to Site Actions/Site Settings. Under Galleries select Master pages. Find your master page from the list. Hover over the master page and select Send To/Download a Copy from the dropdown.)
Right before the closing head tag, add the following line :

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/SiteImages /favicon.ico” />

If you downloaded and edited a copy of the master page, upload it back to the gallery.

Job Done.  You will need to publish the image and the amended master page accordingly.


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