How to unlock a locked page in SharePoint 2010

I managed to unlock a rougue page in our SharePoint 2010 live environment.  It became locked by the SHAREPOINT\System account during the backup / restore operation to transfer the FM Dashboard site up to live.  To fix the problem I needed to sign on as a system account user account (impersonates the sharepoint system account) and then check out the page through the user front end.


How to determine the active number of end users in a SharePoint site collection or farm

Found a great free tool to help determine the number of end users in a site collection or a farm


According to their website, the SharePointBoost End-User Viewer Tool is a free tool that displays the total number of end-users in a SharePoint Site Collection or Farm and gives the administratorthe ability to delete invalid/inactive user accounts. This tool offers a quick way to check the total number of end-users you have WITHOUT installing it on your SharePoint servers. Simply download the SharePointBoost End-User Viewer Tool and run it by inputting the Site Collection URL, your username in the format domain\username and your password, and the total number of end-users and their account details will be displayed. You can then delete any expired or inactive user accounts, thereby reducing the need to purchase a license for a larger number of end-users.

Adding a favicon to a SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer

Favicons are a simple and fun way to add some additional branding to your website. As shown below, a favicon appears next to the url in the address bar and next to a favorite in your list of favorites.

Creating a favicon and placing it on a SharePoint site is very easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Create the favicon from an image using a tool such as
Upload the favicon.ico file created in step 1 to an image library in your SharePoint site. In my case I uploaded the .ico file to a library called SiteImages.
Edit the master page (typically default.master) in either SharePoint Designer or by downloading a copy from the master pages gallery and opening it in an editor such as EditPlus. (To download a copy of your master page, go to Site Actions/Site Settings. Under Galleries select Master pages. Find your master page from the list. Hover over the master page and select Send To/Download a Copy from the dropdown.)
Right before the closing head tag, add the following line :

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/SiteImages /favicon.ico” />

If you downloaded and edited a copy of the master page, upload it back to the gallery.

Job Done.  You will need to publish the image and the amended master page accordingly.

Microsoft Lync integration with SharePoint 2010 – My Site presence indicators

Looking at the Colleagues tab in my SharePoint 2010 My Site, It doesn’t appear to be possible to view the presence status from the colleagues tab other than to click on a colleague to view their individual profile page.  Is this a correct assumption to make?

However, through your ‘My Content’ page, there is a ‘Colleagues’ web part that does display the presence status for your group of colleagues.