How to add a secondary mailbox into Microsoft Outlook

To add another person’s/group mailbox:

Tools on Outlook application

Email Accounts… (Account Settings… If Office 2007)

Where it says ‘E-mail’ make sure its ticked “View or change existing e-mail accounts” and click Next>


More settings…

Click onto the Advanced tab


Type in the relevant mailbox name

Click OK, Next> and then Finish (the mailbox should appear on the Folder List on the left of Outlook)


Design issues within a SharePoint Master Page / Page Layout structure

Whilst designing a new look and feel for a client using a SharePoint publishing environment, I can across a styling issue that prevented me from scrolling down a layout to view the web part zones.

After researching the issue, the solution was simple.  It’s casued by missing a CSS Overflow command.  For further information about CSS Overflows, visit:

To correct the problem, I added the following overflow command.  This ensured the scrolling is reinstated on a page layout.


div#MSOTlPn_WebPartPageDiv {

overflow: visible !important;