How to hide the Quick Launch menu from a SharePoint 2007 Team Collaboration Site

The Quick Launch (i.e. left hand navigation menu) is available on SharePoint sites to help users navigate to the appropriate lists, libraries and pages. However, on the rare occasion you are asked to hide the Quick Launch (shown in red) you can follow this post.


To hide the Quick Launch:

1. Open the appropriate page and from the Site Actions menu, click Edit Page.

2.  Add a content editor Web part onto the appropriate page.

3.  Click on Modify shared Web part.

4. Click the Source Editor… button:


5. Copy and paste the following HTML:








display: none;



6. Go to layouts section of the Web part and select Hidden:


7. Click OK to save your changes with no Quick Launch:


If you want to get the quick launch to appear again, just roll-back the above 5 steps. Nice and easy.


Changing columns hyperlinked in a list – SharePoint 2007

You’ll need SharePoint Designer.

First, in SharePoint, make a copy of the view of the list you want to modify.  Then open the new view in SharePoint Designer, right-click the ListViewWebPart tab and select ‘Convert to XSLT Data View’
Then if you right-click on one of the current title fields (the actual entries, not the header) and select Hyperlink properties it’ll show you the link to edit properties, probably something similar to

So if you now go to the hyperlink properties of the column you want to be the edit link and paste in the value taken from the other field then it should work.

Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

This has an adverse affect – removing the hyperlinks from the neighbouring column.  Does anyone know how to get around this?

Problem with SharePoint 2007 Content Editor Web Part not opening Rich Text Editor in IE8

Microsoft claim IE8 has a known bug that prevents Rich Text Editor from opening (see!90A843AB92E99F!471.entry?sa=569586369) . 

Using the IEdevloper toolbar I’ve found the problem is in HTMLeditor.js file, the web part id is coming through as an empty string, when there should be something there.  Now when I browse the same page in IE7 standard, I can open the rich text editor successfully. 

You can get around this by setting IE8 to run in compatibility mode (essentially it emulates IE7) by clicking Tools > Compatibility View from your IE8 browser.  You should then be able to open the Rich Text Editor.

Generate your own RSS feeds on the fly with

I discovered a great time saving web 2.0 tool earlier today, it’s so good I had to share it with you.  Instead of visiting regular website on the fly, let the content come to you with the ability to create RSS feeds on demand using Feedity.  I’ve used it three or four times and the results are brilliant. is an online tool for building RSS feeds from web pages. Users simply type the URL of a web page into the Feedity feed creator and the site will turn the web page into an RSS feed. Simply add this to your RSS reader (I use Microsoft Outlook) and hey presto, updates are pushed directly to your inbox.