InfoPath form printing issues

We received a requirement for an InfoPath form than need to be printed at the senders end and the receiving end.  We created the form and in testing it, we have discovered that any text that you type after scroll bars appear in a text field does not appear when you print the form.  Also, the text is not viewable in the email output from the form when it is received in the designated email account Inbox. 

The picture below contains two examples of such an issue:


I have had a look, and this is a limitation of the software as it is designed for electronic rather than printed forms. A potential way around this however is to amend your view “6a.Results”, so that instead of having a Text Box to show the result of the multiline boxes you use an Expression Box:


This allows you to pick a form field and shows it as free text that will expand vertically. There is however a known issue with this, and that is the fact that the output ignores carriage returns. I don’t know how this would affect the fields you are using it for; you could probably still use the multiline Text Box for fields such as address and use this for the more free-text fields such as the child details.

The other option of course is to make the multiline Text Box fields as tall as you think the biggest response will be, but that doesn’t look that great if only a small amount of information is entered into each box.


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