Telerik RADEditor Customisation

The RADEditor tools menu can be customised through the ‘toolsfile.xml’ file.  You can also populate the Fonts dropdown using the ToolsFile, as shown in the example below.  One thing to bear in mind though, any changes would be farm wide rather than web app specific.



    <module name="RadEditorDomInspector" dockingZone="Module" enabled="true" visible="true" />


  <tools name="MossTools1" dockable="false">

    <tool name="Cut" shortcut="CTRL+X" />

    <tool name="Copy" shortcut="CTRL+C" />

    <tool name="Paste" shortcut="CTRL+V" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="Undo" shortcut="CTRL+Z" />

    <tool name="Redo" shortcut="CTRL+Y" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="MOSSLinkManager" shortcut="CTRL+K" />

    <tool name="Unlink" shortcut="CTRL+SHIFT+K" />

    <tool name="ImageManager" shortcut="CTRL+G" />

    <tool name="MOSSTemplateManager" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="MOSSInsertTable" />

    <tool name="SetTableProperties" />

    <tool name="ToggleTableBorder" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="MOSSInsertTableElement" dropDownWidth="180">

      <tool name="InsertRowAbove" />

      <tool name="InsertRowBelow" />

      <tool name="InsertColumnLeft" />

      <tool name="InsertColumnRight" />

      <tool name="DeleteRow" />

      <tool name="DeleteColumn" />

      <tool name="SplitCell" />


    <tool name="MergeColumns" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="ToggleSource" />

    <tool name="FormatStripper" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="MOSSRightToLeft" />

    <tool name="MOSSLeftToRight" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="MOSSHelp" />


  <tools name="MossTools2" dockable="false">

    <tool name="ApplyClass" />

    <tool name="FormatBlock" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="FontName" />

    <tool name="FontSize" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="Bold" shortcut="CTRL+B" />

    <tool name="Italic" shortcut="CTRL+I" />

    <tool name="Underline" shortcut="CTRL+U" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="JustifyLeft" />

    <tool name="JustifyCenter" />

    <tool name="JustifyRight" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="InsertOrderedList" />

    <tool name="InsertUnorderedList" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="Indent" />

    <tool name="Outdent" />

    <tool separator="true" />

    <tool name="ForeColor" />

    <tool name="BackColor" />



  <item name="Arial" />

  <item name="Calibri" />



    <contextMenu forElement="*">

      <tool name="Cut"/>

      <tool name="Copy"/>

      <tool name="Paste"/>





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