Making Outlook Calendar entries available through a SharePoint Calendar

A client asked me if it were possible to pool calendar entries from multiple Microsoft Outlook Calendar’s into one collaborated SharePoint calendar.  This is the best way I could think off, using SharePoint 2007 out of the box.  If there’s a better way to achieve this, please let me know.

Step 1: Create a Shared Calendar in Microsoft SharePoint

1. Click View All Site Content

2. Click Create

3. Select Calendar and follow the regular prompts

Step 1: Make a SharePoint Calendar available in Microsoft Outlook

1. Open a calendar on your SharePoint site.

2. On the Actions menu, click Connect to Outlook.


3. Confirm that you want to connect the SharePoint calendar to Outlook.


4. In Outlook 2007, you see both calendars side by side, and the calendar name has been added to the Other Calendars list. This side by side view is the default view.


Each calendar and the events that belong to it are color coded for easy identification. You can have multiple SharePoint calendars for different purposes and use the overlay view in Outlook 2007 to view any combination of those calendars by selecting them in the Other Calendars section in Outlook.

Step 2: How to Import Outlook Calendar items into SharePoint

1. With the source calendar open, go to view menu, current view, and select all appointments


2. Hit CTRL-A to select all the appointments, or just get the ones you want.

3. Drag-and-drop the selected local outlook calendar Items to the linked SharePoint calendar (found under SharePoint List on the left pane).


This is a two way process and can also be used to import SharePoint calendar items into Outlook.

Step 3: Invite other network users to share your SharePoint calendar

1. Right click over the SharePoint Calendar in Microsoft Outlook and click Share … Calendar


2. Send out email invitation


3. Complete the email with a recipient email address and click Send.

4. Once accepted other users with be able to view the SharePoint calendar


· When you view the SharePoint calendar within SharePoint, colour coding is not available to help users identify source of calendar entries. It is however available in Outlook.


· Some calendar events appear in the SharePoint calendar as copies. See snapshot above.


2 thoughts on “Making Outlook Calendar entries available through a SharePoint Calendar

  1. Once the user accepts the email to share, do the entries to the SharePoint calendar automatically get updated on their Outlook calendar? I’m not understand what happens as a result of the connection.

    Thank you.

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