A quick overview of the improved Web Analytics features in SharePoint 2010

The statistical reporting functionality in SharePoint 2010 has been greatly improved since SharePoint 2007 and is available through the monitoring section of the new look central admin interface.

There will be three categories of reports: Traffic reports; Search reports; Inventory reports. The reports will be available through Site Actions > Site Settings. Under Site Actions heading you’ll see two links, Site Web Analytics Reports and Site Collection Web Analytics Reports.

When you click on either link, you’re taken to an overview page shows you key metrics for your site.


You can then drill down to other reports by clicking on the left navigation, and can also change the date range by clicking on Analyze tab on Ribbon.

Custom Web Analytics Reports are useful to get general understanding of what’s happening on your sites and can be accessed through the Custom Report button.

Web Analytics Workflows is a powerful new feature set that enables you to get reports sent out either on a schedule or when specific conditions are met.

Best Bets Suggestions allow search administrators to determine what the most relevant search result is for a given keyword.

There will be a new Web Analytics Web Part targeted at Site Managers is an end-user facing Web Part that can be easily inserted into any page on your site.

Here are some points about the technical functionality that is included in SharePoint 2010:

· There are a lot of out of the box reports to see where traffic is going on your web site, how many hits on specific pages, etc.

· There is an Alerts feature to notify you when content is stale (or getting less traffic). You set up a workflow through the browser workflow creation interface. You can specify metrics to watch such as number of views, number of failed search queries, etc. You can also have a metric compared to a previous day. You view and set up this information in the Site Settings.

· Some interesting alerts are for when there are new values different from the expected. Particularly useful for search and watching for new search terms.

· The logging of statistics is enabled by default on SharePoint installations.

Microsoft has published a list of the reports available:, but there is also the ability to devise custom reports if you want to analyse elements above and beyond those available out of the box.

This blog article provides a good insight into the new capabilities available in 2010: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ecm/archive/2010/05/03/web-analytics-in-sharepoint-2010-insights-into-reports-and-metrics.aspx

Here’s some screen shots of the


Page Views Report


Referring Sites Report


Top Pages Report

All of the reports allow you to specify time periods other than the default 30 days



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