SharePoint 2007 Search – How to Create Search Keywords and Best Bets

Keywords can be used to mark specific items as more relevant for a particular word included in a search term. This ensures the keywords show up more prominently in search results.

Keywords and Best Bets can be easily configured by a site collection administrator.

· Click Site Actions > Site Settings > Search Keywords


Since Search is configured at the site collection level, if you are in a sub-site you will need to click through to "top level site settings" in order to get the page below.

This will display the Manage Keywords page:


· Click Add Keyword

· In the Keyword Phrase box, type a word, name, acronym, or phrase to be defined as a keyword.


· In the Definition box, provide a definition. This will display above the core search results whenever the keyword is used in a query.

· To optionally feature Best Bet links above the search results, click Add Best Bet, and then follow the steps to specify a URL, Title and Description.

· Click OK
The best bet will be displayed on the search keywords form:


· To store contacts for the keyword, for example reviewers, type a name or ourcheshire username into the Contact box. Click Check Names to verify the alias, or click Browse to select a name using a directory service.

· In the Publishing section, you can set a Review Date for keyword reviewers, a Start Date when the keyword’s definition and Best Bets begin to appear in search results, and (if wanted) an End Date when the keyword ceases to be active. Click the calendar next to each date that you want to set.

· Click OK to finish defining the keyword. The new keyword will now appear on the Manage Keywords page:


Returning the centranet, if a user searches using a synonym specified in ths keyword, the definition will be displayed along with any best bets as illustrated in this example:


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