How to enable anonymous access to a SharePoint 2007 Web Application

  • In the Central Administration site select “Application Management” either in the Quick Launch or across the top tabs
  • Select “Authentication Providers” in the “Application Security” section
  • Click on the “Default” zone (or whatever zone you want to enable anonymous access for)
  • Under “Anonymous Access” click the check box to enable it and click “Save”

The second part is to enable anonymous access in the site.

•Return to your sites home page and navigate to the site settings page. In MOSS, this is under Site Actions – Site Settings – Modify All Site Settings. In WSS it’s under Site Actions – Site Settings.
•Under the “Users and Permissions” section click on “Advanced permissions”
•On the “Settings” drop down menu (on the toolbar) select “Anonymous Access”
•Select the option you want anonymous users to have (full access or documents and lists only)
Now users without logging in will get whatever option you allowed them.


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