Common end-user questions regarding SharePoint 2007 Collaboration functionality

1. How do you select to save a new document into share point when creating a document?

It depends. If you have Microsoft Office 2007, you will be able to save directly into your SharePoint site by clicking File > Save As and selecting ‘My SharePoint Sites’ from the left column. This is only available in Office 2007:


For users with a previous version of Office, you will need to save your document locally (i.e. to My Documents or a network location) and then upload the file into SharePoint from your SharePoint site, through the Upload > Upload Documents links:


2. If you are sending a document in an email do you send the SharePoint link?

Yes please, this reduces the number of attachments sent on email and users can ensure they are looking at the latest version. You will need to make sure your target audience can access the document though.

3. If you send a document in an email how do you know who will be able to view it?

Your Site Owner is in overall charge of the SharePoint site and will have the ability to grant permissions to your site through the ‘people and group’ menu:

Your site will have three permissions groups. Site Owners; Site Members and Site Visitors. Owners have full control over the site, Members have contribute rights to work within a site (i.e. Add / remove / delete content); Visitors have read only permissions. Be sure to add new users into the appropriate group.

4. If you create a meeting is it supposed to alert the people included in the meeting and direct them to the documents?

Not automatically. However there is an ‘alert me’ facility that can be used to turn on alerting to receive email notifications for events and times of your choice. These appear throughout the site. Click Actions > Alert Me:


5. When you go into Mysite there is a message headed Configure My Site for Microsoft Office, am I right to assume that the option to select is no, what happens if you select yes?

This option allows you to connect your site with your Office applications. It will enable you to save directly into SharePoint. As earlier, this option only works for users who have Microsoft Office 2007/

6. What is the difference between shared documents and personal documents on MySite?

Within a MySite, the ‘Shared Documents’ are automatically visible to all other SharePoint users. ‘Personal Documents’ are the opposite. All documents in here are secured and are only visible by yourself.


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