KPI list move up move down greyed out

I have created a KPI List with a few indicators pulling values from an Excel Spreadsheet.  The KPI List populates as expected and works find.  Very simple applications\List.  I then add a Key Performance Indicator web part to my SharePoint Home Page for my site.  The web part displays the KPIs from the list as expected but they are not in the order that I’d like them to display in. 

They are in the order that they were created in the list but this is not order I’d like to display.  Since I can’t change the order in the KPI List View, I’m trying to change the order in the KPI web part.   Using the Actions pull down menu in the KPI Web Part, I select Reset Order (which appears to work) and then select one of the KPI items in the list to move that item.  The "Update", "Move Up" and "Move Down" items on the context menu are grayed out. 

The only solution I could find is to to have the Publishing features enabled and the web part must be on a publishing page. I am guessing there is some JS requirement somewhere. You may be able to hack the reference with SPD

1. Activate publishing infrastructure feature for the site collection
2. Active publishing feature for site
3. Create a web part page in Pages library
4. Add KPI web part

Move up/down will be available. If you want it on the home page, set the welcome page for the site to be in the Pages library.


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