SharePoint 2007 Site Directory Broken Links Scan

I can’t believe i’ve not spotted this sooner!

A Site Directory can easily contain broken links because users (and sometimes site administrators!) have deleted sites and failed to tidy up behind them. As a site administrator, you can easily identify these sites by running the Broken Link Checker, that’s right in front of your nose! I’ve missed it for a while now.

The Broken Link Checker looks at each site in the Site Directory and stores those that return a 404 or 403 error. (Only http and https links are checked, not file, ftp, or mailto links). Broken links are then listed in a Broken link column in the Site Directory. You can delete the broken links individually or as a group.

To run the Broken Links Scan, click Site Actions > Broken Links Scan or append your site directory portal URL with /_layouts/linkschecker.aspx


One thought on “SharePoint 2007 Site Directory Broken Links Scan

  1. is this true? is there really a SharePoint 2007 OOTB feature to checks broken links? How does it have to be installed/ activated?

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