Integrating the People Picker Control with Infopath 2007

Ever wanted to have a people picker kind of control in Infopath form and that too in browser mode. Did i heard yes 🙂 , well there is a Active-X control which takes care of this part named “”Contact Selector Control””.

Just follow the steps to get it working :

Add Contact Selector to Controls Pane
Click the “”Add or Remove Controls “” from the Control Task pane as shown in figure

Click ADDSelect Active-XThis will display a list of controls , select “”Contact Selector”” ,click NextSelect “”Don’t include a .cab file””From drop down select “”Field or Group(any data type) and click finish

DataSource for the Contact Selector control
Add non Repeating group named “”group1″”Add a repeating Group names “”Person””Add following test field to the “”Perosn “” group (DisplayName,AccountId,AccountType)

Add Secondary datasource XMl file with details about the SharePoint Server , this is required by the form in order to validate the user against a particular sharepoint server .
Open Notepad and add the following Tag <Context siteUrl=""http://””/>Save the file as Context.xmlAdd new connection as “”Receive Type”” and source of data as “”XML””Option “Include the data as a resource file” shoule be enabled

Drag control to the form and you are all set .


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