File and Folder Link Restrictions in WSS 3 / SharePoint Document Libraries

Taken from Joel Oleson’s blog, but thought it would be useful to share …File and folder name lengths cannot be longer than 128 Characters in both WSS 2.0 and WSS 3.0.Link list items are restricted to 256 characters and will truncate links to SharePoint documents (or anything else) with lengths longer than this.When storing files the structure and files (entire path including sites, folders, and file name) cannot add up to more than 260 characters or they will see an error message or form validation error with the explanation around the URL length. 
In a nutshell… Use short web app names, short site collection names (avoid strings of names), and use descriptive but short file names.  Some people have purposefully removed “”Shared Documents”” out of the team site template or used a blank template to encourage unique, and encouraged shorter document library names.  I don’t have a problem with “”Shared Documents”” since you know where it is and what it is for, but sites in sites in sites, can lead to long URLs. 


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