Excel data import options for SharePoint blog post lists

1)      SharePoint Datasheet view

This works but has a couple of restrictions. The body column cannot be set to Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks). This will present the field as read-only. Even if it is set to regular rich text mode the end user can only import one record at a time into the Posts list, not ideal if you have hundreds of records to import.
2)      Microsoft Access 2007 linked table import
Opening the SharePoint list as a linked Microsoft Access table gives you the ability to import from excel directly into the SharePoint list. There’s a slick import wizard to guide you through the options, these can be saved allowing you to append records into the list even quicker next time around. The drawback with this option is the body field still needs to be set to regular rich text mode i.e. no pictures, tables or hyperlinks. 
3)      SharePoint Datasheet view / Legacy Microsoft Access linked table import
Support for Windows SharePoint Services list data is available only in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional editions. Office 2002 users (standard corporate desktop image) aren’t given the option to open a list in Microsoft Access view.
4)      Bamboo solutions bulk import utility
Works quite well, allows you to import from legacy databases and spreadsheets. Again, once you’ve chosen your specific import options you can save these, helping speed up the process for future updates. The drawback with this option is the software licence cost is £250 per ‘seat’, but this does work with the body field set to enhanced rich text.


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