Enabling Anonymous Access for Wiki Libraries

So, that’s it, right?  Well… no.  Let’s say you want to be able to give anonymous users the ability to post data to aInfoPath form library?  You navigate to the permissions for the library, select the settings for anonymous access and – POOF! – everything other than “view” is ghosted out.  Again, you go back and double and triple check all your anonymous settings again, then lean back and start scratching your head.
     Didn’t we just fix that?  Microsoft strikes again with their second-guessing your ability to decide for yourself what you want anonymous users to access.  If you look at the URL of anonymous access permissions for the list, you’ll see something like this:
     If youchange the last little part of that URL to “LIST” instead of “DOCLIB”, you’ll magically be able to access those ghosted permission levels.  Why did Microsoft block access to those permission levels in such an obscure way?  I haven’t the faintest idea.


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