My SharePoint 2007 Useful Links List

Here is a list of resources our development team has compiled for SharePoint 2007:

-SharePoint End-User Training: (May have expired)

-Application templates for WSS 3.0:
Help Desk:

-MOSS SP1 Download:

-SharePoint WebCasts:

-Content deployment – Step-by-step tutorial:

-Writing Custom WebParts for SharePoint 2007:

-SharePoint 2007 WebParts Communication:–the-theory-before-the-code.aspx

-Writing custom editors for SharePoint 2007 and ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts:

-Customizing MOSS through the browser:

-MS Office 2007 system preview site:

-SharePoint 2007 Architecture:

-Using SharePoint Designer to create a custom New/Edit/Display form:


-MS and other SharePoint Blogs:

-Blogs, Wikis, and RSS in SharePoint 2007 (includes video):

-SharePoint 2007 – The server side of Office (includes video):


-SharePoint Tips and Tricks:

-SharePoint and Office 2007 Virtual Labs:

-Web Content Management in MOSS 2007: Terminology explained:

-Web Content Management in MOSS 2007 Web Casts:

-MOSS Training from Microsoft:
— WSS Development:
— WSS Infrastructure:
— MOSS Development:
— MOSS Infrastructure:
– SharePoint Designer:

-MOSS 2007 Server setup tips:

-Pre-scan tools:

-AJAX.Net for SharePoint 2007:

-WSS 3.0 SDK:

-MOSS 2007 SDK:

-Setting up your SharePoint 2007 Development Environment: – Virtual PC Development environment

-Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS 3.0:

-How to Create a MOSS 2007 VPC Image: The Whole 9 Yards:

-Migration and Upgrade Information for SharePoint developers:

-Planning and architecture for MOSS 2007:

-SharePoint Products and Technologies Community:

-WSS Developer Center:

-MOSS 2007 vs SPS 2003:

-MOSS 2007 Functionality (WSS 3.0 vs Standard MOSS vs Enterprise MOSS)

-Create a Feature: Master Pages for Site Collections:

-Creating a MOSS 2007 Theme:

-SharePoint content and Resources:

-Business Data Catalog: (video)

-SharePoint 2007 – Enabling Custom Authentication using a Custom Membership Provider:–enabling-custom-authentication-using-a-custom-membership-provider.aspx

-Enabling .PDF search in MOSS 2007:

-Additional Search links:

-Free web part for Wildcard searching:

-Worksheets for deployment:

-Defining managed paths (videos):
http://bobfox. net/Video% 20Demos/ManagedP athsDemo. wmv

-Using .ascx controls in your MOSS application:


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