Microsoft Excel file locked for editing error when nobody else is editing via SharePoint 2007

I click on ‘edit in excel’ and the following is shown:
It does this when I try to open any of the excel documents in the WSS environment.
Typical solutions…
A number of other suggestions i’ve come across include…

It suggests two things…
1)     Quit any open instances of Microsoft Excel (don’t forget to save any open spreadsheets first). Then hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select Task Manager > Processes. Check to see if there are any excel related processes. If there are, select them (e.g. excel.exe), right click and choose end process. The try opening the excel document again.
2)     Clear as much as you can out of the c:\windows\temp directory. There could be a stray reference to the excel document floating around. You will not be able to delete everything from the temp directory as some files will be actively associated with your operating system. Then try opening the excel document again.


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