Issue with workflows in SharePoint Environment templates

I’ve been looking into this and have discovered the problem lies in the way the environment template has been developed.
First thing I did was to reproduce the problem and I also experienced the same error. Next thing I tried was to create another new workflow on your site to see if the error still occurred.. and it did.  
In order to truly identify the issue I created a new test site, based on the same site template and added a workflow to a document library.. started off an approval workflow and guess what.. I experienced the same error.  So I created another site, based on another site template and there I noticed it didn’t have any workflows activated.  This worked with no problems at all when I activated them and created a new workflow.
The problem has been caused by the way the custom template was generated. These were created using the ‘Save as template”” and then making them available using an STSADM command prompt.  Now the environment site template that is causing the problems had already, during the creation, had the workflow features activated. So it seems that during the creation of new a site using that template, the features are not provisioned as they should and therefore are not working properly. 
To fix the problem would require some work. We would need to generate a new environment template that functions correctly. Once tested though, all existing sites would need to be converted (deleted and recreated) to this new template. I’m not sure if there is any easy way to do this without causing you massive disruption. 
I will log this issue as a SharePoint template bug and will discuss how we can go about fixing this with the team.


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