SharePoint 2007 – Step by Step instructions for create a web service that interacts with excel in Microsoft Excel

1) Create Web Service application (VS 2005)
2) Write class code for service
3) Copy the URL of the web service.
4) In the design mode of our InfoPath form, open Tools | Submitting forms:
5) Enable submit commands and buttons, select “”Web Service”” for “”Submit to””
6) Add a data connection, paste the URL of your web service in the location box:
7) Next, then select the operation for your submit form action, then Next > again:
8) The next dialog will prompt to match the form’s submission to the web method’s parameter. Select “”Field or group”” then click the node button to the right of the text box:
9) Select the myFields node, then click “”OK””
10) Select to Include the XML Subtree, including selected element
11) Next, Finish, then OK
12) Publish your form
13) Now, when users fill out the form, they can save it to their local drive as an XML file, or submit it to your web service.
·        Issues – access permissions to web service? Service a/c??


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