SharePoint 2007 Publishing Portal – Overriding the styling of the content editor web part with CSS

Do you have pages that look bland that you want to add some color to? Perhaps you would like some a background behind your web part titles.   Maybe you want to hide the recycle bin on one page, but not another. 
Using the Content Editor Web Part you are able to add CSS to a page to customize it’s look and feel.  This is a great alternative to modifying core.css, using SharePoint Designer or other methods (such as specifying a custom CSS file in site settings).  Follow along with this quick demonstration on just how!  So you are interested in branding your SharePoint page using the content editor web part, eh? 
Well, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using this method.  Some people may condem this method for all its worth while other embrace it as a quick styling method.  Whatever you opinion is, let’s begin:
1.  Navigate your browser to the page you wish to style and click Site Actions > Edit Page to check out the page. 

Please note: If you do not see the Site Actions button you most likely do not have the appropriate permissions on this page.
2. Click “”Add a Web Part”” on any web part zone zone; it doesn’t really matter since this web part will be hidden

3. Add a new Content Editor Web Part and click Edit > Modify Shared Web Part

4. Click on Source Editor and add some custom CSS.  If you need a great reference guide please check out Heather Solomon’s guide locatedhere

…Now add your CSS and click Save to see your changes


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