OnePlaceMail Upgrade XML errors

Whilst upgrading to the latest version of OnePlaceMail, some users have reported XML errors.
This problem is caused by one of the configuration files used by OnePlaceMail (these remain in the users profile through an uninstall/reinstall so that settings aren’t lost when you are upgrading the client)
The culprit is a file called manifest.xml and you should be able to find it at:
C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Scinaptic\OnePlaceMail
Try the following procedure to resolve the issue:Close Outlook if it is runningDelete the manifest.xml file from C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Scinaptic\OnePlaceMail\Manifest.xmlRestart Outlook & try using OnePlaceMail
Deleting the manifest.xml file will not loose any of the users configuration settings.
If this does not resolve the problem then you can try a similar approach with a file called config.xml in the same directory. Deleting this file WILL result in the loss of all the users OnePlaceMail configuration settings and they will need to be setup again. However – from the error message I believe the issue lies with the manifest.xml file and not the config.xml file.


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