Fix – Copying intranet content from one page to another causes errors

The Error:
A page with a content editor web part appears to be broken.  The user has tried in vane to modify it but it keeps breaking.
Error message: style.display is null or not an abject.
Unfortunately the editor / author may not be able to get back into their web part to make any changes to the content.
The Resolution:
I’ve come across this problem before and initially thought the problem was adding more than one content editor web part to your page or more than one document library to your site. 
It appears that if you copy the entire text from another web part displayed in IE (I’ve only tried from other content editors) it will copy not just the text, but it’s formatting and most importantly a

tag with a web part ID. Trouble is the ID will be for the original and not the current web part – thus causing a conflict error. It’s this tag that causes the problem in this case. After removing it (using Source Editor before exiting Edit Mode), the content editor drop down works fine.
In this case the faulty code was

This section is a signposting tool that will enable you to link to the relevant sections for Adult Social Care and Health

Downloading documents and using forms for PC users

For the form that you require:

  • Right-click on the filename
  • Select ‘Save Target as…’
  • Save the form to your computer then open and complete it 

To prevent this, if copying content from one web part to another, please copy it into somewhere like notepad first.
For future reference, if you need to break into a faulty web part, you can do this through by clicking ‘Modify Web Parts’ from the page menu in the page editing tool bar.


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