Create an alert for a SharePoint 2007 list or library

You can manage your alerts from Outlook 2007 or from your SharePoint site. To cancel an alert for a list or library, you must have permission to modify the alerts for that list or library. The following procedure describes how to cancel an alert by using Outlook 2007.
 Note   Your SharePoint administrator can modify, restrict, and disable alerts for an entire site. For more information, see the administrator for your SharePoint site.In the Navigation Pane in Outlook, verify that Mail is selected.On the Tools menu, click Rules and Alerts.Click the Manage Alerts tab.Select the alert that you want to cancel.Click Delete.If prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
 Note   If the alert that you want to cancel doesn’t appear in the Rules and Alerts dialog box, you may be able to cancel the alert from the SharePoint site. To view and manage your alerts on the SharePoint site, click the Welcome your name menu, click My Settings, and then click My Alerts.


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