SharePoint Surveys

Creating a survey is really simple using the Survey list template. Simply click Site Actions –> Create then click the Survey link under the tracking section. Enter a name, create some questions and away you go. You can even get quite advanced by jumping a user to certain questions depending on what response they give. Have a play with it, you can do some pretty powerful stuff in very little time.
Now when it comes to publishing it gets a little complicated. Imagine you want to make it available to as many users as possible, and your trying to add it to a site that requires authentication like an extrante or corporate intranet. The most common place to put a survey is on the home page, after all that’s typically where you get the most hits on your site so you want to put it there to get the most responses. You’ll also have pretty tight user control on your home page/site, 99.9% of people hitting the site will be visitors and quite sensibly wont have permission to change anything. This presents a problem for surveys because in order to complete the form they will need write permissions, but you don’t want to go giving them write access to the whole site…. so how do you get around this.
Well if you’ve been using SharePoint groups (and you really should be) this is no problem, simply go ahead and break inherited permissions for your survey list and elevate your visitor group (or equivalent) to the Contribute (or equivalent) permission level, and thats it tada everyone in your visitor group will now have access to submit surveys.


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