SharePoint 2007 Records Centre

These can be tricky beasts the following is recommended by Microsoft:
Create a new Web Application just for the Records Centre site collection and having more than one of them isn’t recommended from a management point of view.
To get the most out of a record centre enable e-mail support for posting documents to libraries and configure the Record Centre location as an AD Group Policy setting. Note this ability is limited to Outlook 2007.
Non 2007 users will need to use the “”Send To”” option for submitting to a records centre which would mean uploading into SharePoint first. From what I can tell uploading directly into a Record Centre isn’t recommended or possible without bypassing what its meant to be doing.
Records are filtered by content type, this means submitting a
strategy for the entire organisation tactical implementations will be tricky to manage.
Also remember to configure your Record Center in Central Admin:
Central Administration > Application Management > Configure Connection to Records Center
I also strongly recommend reading Chapter 10 of the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Administrators Companion for more info.


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