SharePoint 2007 – Content Deployment Paths and Jobs

I’ve Just been going through content deployment with Nick and thought i’d pen a quick note describing the steps required to set up and perform a content deployment in MOSS 2007.

Create Content Deployment Path from Staging to Production Environments
Select Content deployment paths and jobs > New Path:
Type a descriptive name for the path. Select the web application and site collection for the staging site.
Then type in the URL of the Central Administration web site of the production site. 
Authenticate using the farm a/c for your environment. e.g. svc_spfarm
Click Connect:
Once you see “”Connection succeeded””, select the web application and site collection that you created for production. You can also choose to deploy user names and security if you want the new site to have the same users and permissions.
Click OK.
Create Content Deployment Job > New Job:
Type a name, and then select the path you created:
Keep all other default values, but under scope select the sites you’d like to deploy before clicking OK.
Running the Content Deployment Job

From the context menu on the job, select Run Now:
Refresh the page, and then click on the text Running:
Watch the status of the job:
When the status changes to Succeeded, check for any error and test your new destination site to verify that the content was deployed.


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