Opening documents in MOSS causes IE to crash

When trying to open documents in SharePoint 2007/ WSS 3.0, such as a word document or powerpoint presentation, Internet Explorer crashes.
I’ve come across this a couple of times with end users and tens to happen on systems that may have multiple versions of IE or multiple versions of MS Office applications installed.
This causes a conflict on the desktop computer of owssupp.dll appeaing in duplication versions.  The solution is to get rid of the duplication.  Full details at…
This problem occurs if the following conditions are true, in the order in which they are presented:•You install a Microsoft Office 2003 product on the computer.•You install one or more 2007 Office system programs on the computer.•You repair or update the installation of an Office 2003 product.In this scenario, the older version of the Name.dll file becomes the registered version. When the Owssupp.dll file is used, it tries to use functionality that is not available. This condition causes Internet Explorer to crash (stop responding).


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