Microsoft InfoPath form property promotion – I like that!

Property promotion gives users the power to migrate Infopath form data to an external system, such as a SharePoint document library.
For example, when working with Infopath and Sharepoint, you can decide to store Infopath forms within Sharepoint document libraries. The form is stored entirely but on top of it, you can decide to “”copy”” some specific fields as document library fields.
This allows you to create views, filters etc…on the library which wouldn’t be the case if you had only stored the Infopath form.
So, for instance, let’s say you have an Infopath form with the following datasource
(In my example I’ve created a form called ‘purpose’.)
You publish it to a Sharepoint doc lib and you specify that field3 should be stored in both the form and in a separate field of the document library. Then, you doclib fields will be as follows
Name (internal)
Created By (internal)
Modified By(internal)
field3 (your promoted property)
Then, taking things one step further, you could configure your form library to be grouped by a field, such as the purpose field. 
True integration between SharePoint and InfoPath… I like that!


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