Colligo Contributor 3.1 – Drag and Drop functionality

Installing colligo Contributor 3.1
 Double click ContributorSetup.exeWhen prompted,  Enter the product licence key.Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
Connecting using the Colligo Contributor 3.1 Outlook Add-In
 Once installed, you need to restart your PC.Open Microsoft Outlook.  You should now be able to see a new folder in your mailbox called ‘Colligo for SharePoint’Navigate to a SharePoint list or library in IEClick the “”Connect to Outlook”” icon on the IE toolbarConfirm the connection to Outlook by clicking Yes (ignore the working offline question, we want to work online for now)Once Contributor has finished downloading the List definitions, the library is made available in Outlook.  This can take a few moments to complete.  Contributor will build out a tree for the subfolders of the selected document library under the folder ‘Colligo for SharePoint’
Using the Contributor Add-In Drag-n-Drop FunctionalityClick on your sharepoint folder and an online view of your folder content will be presented through Outlook.  Again, this can take a few moments to complete.Drag from your inbox an email drop it into your document library using the outlook tree view.You can also drag and drop items from your desktop and attachments directly from emails , but only into existing folders.
Synchronising Your Content Changes
 To synchronise your SharePoint Library changes into Outlook open the Colligo Contributor application and click Size > Synchronise All.
Potential Issues
I’ve only just started testing, but I’m struggling to upload a folder full of emails into a SharePoint library.  It creates the library in the outlook tree view, but when you sync, the folder disappears completely without being populated into your SharePoint Library.  The bad news is the folder appears lost forever, including its content.
Official Colligo documentation can be found in my Shared Documents library at … 


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