Infopath Property Promotion – accessing your infopath fields in a sharepoint library

Specify document library columns when you design a form template

1. Open the form template.
2. On the Tools menu, click Form Options.
3. Click Property Promotion.
4. Do one of the following:

4a. To add a column, click Add, click the field or repeating group for which you want to create a column, and then type a name for the column in the Column name box.
Note If you select a repeating field to display data in the document library, you can define how you want to display the field in the document library by clicking a value in the Function list. You can choose whether to display the first value in the field, the last value in the field, or a count of all of the occurrences of the field or whether to merge all of the values together.

4b. To remove a column, click the column in the list, and then click Remove.

4c. To modify a column, click the column in the list, click Modify, and then make the appropriate changes.

Note: Some options for adding, removing, or modifying columns are available only when you publish to a SharePoint site.

Once your form is published to a desired document library, you will now need to add your infopath form fields as columns in your document library. This can be achieved by accessing the form / document library’s settings and adding the appropriate columns from the list of choices given.

If you can’t see your field, something has gone wrong with this process. Start again.


7 thoughts on “Infopath Property Promotion – accessing your infopath fields in a sharepoint library

  1. The last step in this doesn’t make sense to me. When you publish your form to a document library, it should create columns for all of the fields you promoted in steps 4a – 4c. I don’t see how you would complete the steps you mention in the second to the last paragraph.

    I am running into a problem where the columns I promoted during the publishing process cannot be edited once they are in the document library in SharePoint. They are also not available to me when creating a workflow using SharePoint designer. It’s as if they don’t exit, even though I can see them in the document library, and they can store data.

    Has anyone else seen this? What am I doing wrong?

  2. My issue with the InfoPath property promotion i am running into when trying to publish it, it errors and tells me it cannot update the list or library. I have 200+ fields I am promoting.

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