Change Management – What is a Business Readiness Plan?

Business Readiness is the process of how you manage changes that are common place to your business; such as new products, technology or processes that can affect your overall business. It results in an information framework that helps you stay ahead of the change curve.

This framework is then used to proactively plan the steps that need to be taken to ensure that those areas of the business impacted by upcoming changes will be ready. This results in a superior level of readiness.

The critical components* typically impacted in the Business Readiness framework are:

Training and Development
Hiring and Staffing
Process, Policy and Procedure
Business Goals
Systems and Infrastructure
Products and Services

*Note: these components will vary depending on your particular business and its requirements.

Who would benefit from a Business Readiness solution?

Changes rarely occur in isolation of other components of an organization. As a result, any organization that regularly faces change in their business environment that impact their customers and employees would benefit from a Business Readiness framework.

For Example:

· The release of new products, services or processes that impact either customers or employees.

· Roll out or introduction of new employee practices, policies and procedures
Why consider a Business Readiness solution for your organization?

The reality is that many organizations do not have a formalized approach for implementing “readiness” to prepare for upcoming changes, and others simply react once a new product or system is in place.

Business Readiness is a framework that ensures teams, departments or organizations are ready to support the changes in your organization prior them happening.

The “readiness” of a business team, department, and organization is an ongoing proactive process. The framework is customized to meet the specific business objectives. It is designed as a repeatable process which once implemented, is handed over to the organization to then manage.


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