Google Analytics for dummies

Google Analytics is recognised as a web stats tool of very high quality. Google provides it free of charge to encourage organisations to use the web more effectively, thus contributing to the growth of the web channel – a development from which Google clearly stands to benefit. Growing numbers of website owners are turning to Google Analytics to understand the way their website is being used as a basis for planning improvements that will better achieve site objectives. Around half of all councils have Google Analytics in place, but anecdotal evidence suggests that its potential to measure performance and drive improvement is currently underexploited.

Hopefully, web content managers will soon be able to:

– improve web teams’ ability to derive meaningful data from Google Analytics
– enable web managers to compare the performance and usage of their website with other, similar councils, based on the same statistical method
– interpret this data to identify improvement options and argue for resources to achieve them
– enable managers to generate data for all councils that will demonstrate continued growth in the importance of the web


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