Hoax and chain email messages

Chain email is the term used to classify emails that attempt to entice unsuspecting users to distribute email to other users on the pretext of offering rewards or information.

There are many examples of chain emails such as messages containing a virus warning or the promise of a prize if you distribute to other people.

I was recently made aware of a hoax email relating to an “Ericsson T18 & R320 laptop promotion”.

This claims to be from Ericsson promising a free laptop if you forward an email to 20 people and is a classic example of a chain email. There is a similar email claiming to be from Nokia which also promises a reward.

The Ericsson hoax has been around since May and is still being circulated which shows how widely this email has spread.

The purpose of these emails is to cause a nuisance by disrupting the network and wasting people’s time.  Please ignore them.


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