extending the 50 site limit to the SharePoint Portal navigation

Today while at work I was working to clean up our intranet’s site directory in SharePoint.

I noticed that the Navigation menu in one of our sites was only listing 50 page links, even though there were plenty more pages within that particular site.

Since I knew there were more and that this was probably the result of some inherent limit, I dug around and found this post which explains how to modify your web.config. It basically boils down to adding a property DynamicChildLimit=”XX” to the following entries in the web.config file, where XX is 0 (no limit) or whatever numeric limit you decide. By default it is 50. (The web.config file to modify is usually located in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80, with the last portion being whatever port number MOSS is running from).

Set the limit to 0 to give yourself flexibility.


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