Top Interview tips


  • Always do research on the company before you apply. Check for culture and hints towards social fit as much as future strategy
  • Ask via a telephone call once you have an interview date for the interview format
  • Before providing references, always contact and brief them. Ask them to be honest with you over what they would say about you
  • The best training for interviews is mental agility. You could buy one of many 1001 typical questions for interview books, but the £1 mental tests books from your local supermarket are better for improving mental agility and hence interview performance
  • The best question to have a thought through interview answer for is: Why do you want this job?
  • At least three days before, check where the interview is being held, and the transport links/timings. I always recommend that you use public transport over driving, as it removes the issues of nerves/accidents. Always make sure you allow a spare hour at the location before your interview time
  • At least 2days before the interview, get your clothes laid out. I always buy a new shirt for every interview, you may also want to buy something new
  • During the journey there, or while waiting for your interview, read your notes
  • Accept that nerves are respect for the occasion
  • Walk in with confidence – look the interviewer in the eyes. Make sure you know their name, have your paper on the desk and access to a glass of water
  • Listen to the interviewer, listen to the questions!
  • Don’t drivel on. Keep your words to answering the question, and no more
  • Have at least ten questions prepared to ask the employer/HR person – but only use three
  • Once the interview is formally over, ask about next steps
  • Never accept an offer on the day. Say thank you, ask to call them the next morning before 10:00
  • Accept the after interview exhaustion
  • Follow up with a thank you letter the day afterwards



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