FreeMind Mind Mapper Review

I downloaded freemind, a mind mapping software solution and already I’m finding it to be very useful for note taking, so here’s a quick review.

FreeMind is really a thought mapping tool and not specifically a note taking tool. It allows you to add points in a tree-like manner. So you start with the main topic node and add a child node to it. It’s represented as a branch. When you add nodes to a parent node it automatically determines where the branch should go on screen. If you are adding a child node to the main parent it’ll alternate to the right and left for branches. Then if you add a child to a branch from the main parent it’ll put them one under the other. Click the thumbnail to see what I mean.

Essentially you only worry about organising the points according to the relevant information structure and thus not have to worry about visual presentation. This makes it a very quick and effective note taking tool.


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