Assigning a Strong-Name Key to the Class Library

In attempting to Deploy a Workflow Template for Testing, the assembly DLL containing workflow foundation programs associated with a workflow template be installed in the GAC prior to use. 

That means that you must add a signing key to your assembly project so that its output assembly DLL is built with a strong name.

It this case, I have adopted the policy of signing with a string value of my last name and the present date.
To assign a strong-name key

1.    In Solution Explorer, right-click the bold project name that is in bold type, and then select Properties.
2.    Click the Signing tab.
3.    Select the Sign the assembly checkbox.
4.    From the Choose a strong name key file: combo box, select <New…>
5.    In the Create Strong Name Key dialog box, in the Key file name: text field, enter a string value.
6.    Clear Protect my key file with a password, and then click OK.
7.    Close the Signing window.
8.    From the Build menu, click Build Solution.
9.    From the File menu, click Save All.

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